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miServices Manchester South

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Who We Are

The leading property inventory services team in South Manchester with same-day paperless high-definition digital inventory delivery.

Fast, efficient and cutting-edge inventory management services for South Manchester-based property letting agents. Using the latest technology, we pride ourselves on delivering accurate, highly detailed property inventories with the fastest turnaround in the industry.

From small apartments to family homes and large luxury residences, our team of experienced professional inventory clerks provides fast, efficient and courteous inventory management, mid-term inspections and check-outs to keep your letting portfolio fully updated and compliant, providing ‘on call’ inventory services.

What We Do

​We are a specialist Inventory Provider to the letting industry. Let us take the stress and liabilities associated with the production of Inventories.

We can provide you with:

  • AIP trained Clerks
  • Centralised Booking System
  • Your own Account Manager
  • Professional reports 

Contact miServices Manchester South

    Franchise Director

    Ian Orford – If you want to know more about Mobile Inventory Services South Manchester and how we can help you cut costs and deliver detailed, accurate, fast and ‘on demand’ paperless property inventories, call Ian for a ‘no pressure’ chat or schedule a demonstration of our cutting-edge advanced inventory service.

    Denise Orford – Denise manages our team of inventory clerks and letting agency support staff to make sure that your inventories, mid-term inspections and checkouts are scheduled and delivered accurately and quickly.

    Ian Orford
    Ian Orford
    Denise Orford
    Denise Orford